Egg and Cheese Salad Recipe

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Egg and cheese salad is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables are package with essential vitamins and minerals that are important for maintaining good health. By including a variety of different fruits and vegetables in your salad, you can ensure that you are getting a wide range of nutrients.

What is Egg and Cheese Salad? 

Egg and cheese salad is a type of salad that is make with hard-boiled eggs and cheese. It is a simple and easy-to-make dish that can be enjoy as a light meal or a tasty snack.

What is Detox Salad

Detox salad is a type of salad that is specifically designed to help the body eliminate toxins and improve overall health. It is typically made with a variety of fresh, whole foods that are high in nutrients and detoxifying compounds, such as leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs. Some common ingredients in a detox salad include spinach, kale, cucumber, carrot, radish, parsley, and mint.
Detox salads are often paired with a light dressing made with lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs to add flavor and enhance the detoxifying effects of the dish. They can be enjoy as a meal on their own, or as a side dish to a protein-rich main course.
In addition to helping the body eliminate toxins, detox salads can also support weight loss, improve digestion, and boost the immune system. They are a great option for those looking to improve their health and support their overall well-being.

Egg and Cheese Salad Recipe


  • 1 cup spring mix
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 2 tbsp of goat cheese
  • 1 tbsp sherred almond
  • 1 tbsp avocado oil or olive oil
  • ½ lemon
To make the salad, first peel and chop the hard-boiled eggs and place them in a large mixing bowl. Add the other ingredients and mix it. Serve the egg and cheese salad on its own, or on top of a bed of lettuce or mixed greens. Your 3-day detoks menu recipe is ready. Enjoy!


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